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Maximize Profits and Improve Service.

Tanks Supported

  • Large Bulk Storage Tanks

  • Mini- Bulk Storage Tanks

  • IBC Tanks/Totes

  • Underground Tanks

  • Propane

Products Supported


Corrosive and Non-Corrosive Chemicals



Liquid and Compressed Gases



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Intelligent Decisions require Intelligent Technology. SkyBitz SmartTank has you covered.

Improve Workflow

Real-time visibility helps you eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries while avoiding the costly mistake of over-servicing tanks. Monitor the real-time tank data you need to plan a smarter distribution strategy.

Fuel Tank Level Monitoring on Laptop
Tank Leak Detection Equipment

Tank Monitor Usage History

Track usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential theft or tank leakage issues.

Move More Product

One tank or one thousand tanks. Deliver more gallons with fewer stops. Better for your drivers, your product, and your customers.

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wireless tank level monitoring platform

Increase Delivery Margins

Become more profitable using smart wireless tank level monitoring technology that streamlines your entire operation. Deliver more product less often, with fewer costly truck rolls.

Software Features

Pinpoint Tank Requirements

With SmartTank, monitor exactly where tanks are, and which need to be serviced is just a click away. Gain 24/7 visibility via website or mobile app to tank data through our analytics portal. Level, usage history, details and trends, locating, logging, reports, tools – it’s all at your fingertips.

Third-Party Data in One Portal

SkyBitz provides all tank data, regardless of tank monitor hardware, on a single portal. Thanks to our unique Proxy Tanks feature, you can still use another system such as SCADA or UST (Underground Storage Tanks) and view all of the data in one portal.

Easy Alarms & Notification Setup

Create search filters to respond to alarms or identify potential issues before they happen. Set up new tank service and easily receive notifications such as critical levels or drain detection using a powerful, easy-to-use mobile app, text message or email.

Tank Level Monitoring Products

ST80 IoT Solution
tank fluid level monitor on mobile
tank fluid level monitor on mobile
tank fluid level monitor on mobile
tank fluid level monitor on mobile

Mobile App Features

tank fluid level monitor on mobile

Make immediate changes or schedule new tank service, right from your phone- 24/7. Check the status of all tanks, set search filters, and receive alerts in real-time on app tank monitoring so you can react instantly.

trailer tracking
trailer tracking


Digitize your operation and consolidate tank data, regardless of hardware provider, in the SmartTank portal. The Proxy Tank feature in SmartTank can be used with third-party monitors or other external systems (SCADA or UST software).

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Your Success
is Our Success

Since 1986, we have focused on delivering real-time asset monitoring systems to customers. With 1.3 million subscribers using our solutions, we provide meaningful financial and operational returns through the use of IoT technologies. With an exceptional customer experience team, we are dedicated to your success.

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+ SkyBitz

“SkyBitz has done a great job of going out to our locations, training our people and getting them to move that mindset to the fuel monitor system.”

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Dave Stascavage
President and COO

“Lube-Tech was looking for a long-term tank monitoring partner to help drive process standardization, delivery efficiencies and provide exceptional customer service as we work to optimize our operations and continue to grow. After an in-depth vendor selection process and deep diligence review, SkyBitz proved to be the clear leader. Both the company and their robust platform align very well with our short and long-term goals and objectives.”

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FAQ’s Tank Monitoring

A tank monitoring system uses telemetry equipment to automatically access, record, and transmit data from remote storage tanks using wireless hardware and sensors linked to a computer database via cellular or satellite networks.

The rugged monitoring devices report liquid or gas levels inside the storage tanks through centralized servers and then distribute that data using the providers’ Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Lubricant and fuel distributors, chemical distributors, agriculture, water, and gas distributors use tank level monitoring data to improve workflow and cut down on costs tied to drivers, fuel and vehicle maintenance, unused product, and customer service.

Tank level monitoring uses precise sensors located inside the storage tank to transmit tank levels through an application. Digitally monitoring tank status gives distributors accurate data that can be used to either forecast deliveries or respond to automated alerts when a customer is running low, avoiding costly runouts before they happen.

In addition, by analyzing tank utilization in real-time, enterprise distributors can group tanks by geographic area and reduce unnecessary deliveries.

Tank data is collected and viewed immediately on-site by the installation team, eliminating the need to return to the site after installation. In addition, SkyBitz bulk tank monitoring system allow distributors to customize their dashboards by tank type and location, product, and levels.

SmartTank monitors report both on a regular schedule and can react in real time to changes in the tank level, triggering alarms and notifications.

Distributors can use our tank monitoring technology to monitor their bulk storage tanks in the yard or across their customer portfolio, so they can better manage their product inventory through one platform.

Tank usage data can integrate with cloud-based dispatch and routing software systems, such as the SmartTank Dispatch Software, used by distributors to automate and optimize the planning process to deliver more gallons with fewer stops.

Accurate product inventory combined with real-time customer tank level data across your entire customer portfolio contributes to a reduction in labor requirements and vehicle maintenance costs.

Our software gives users a full menu of information to monitor current tank levels, product temperatures and maps the locations of tanks. Users can also view available tank capacity, signal strength, battery levels, and alarms for tanks with low inventory levels.

Designed to streamline data from multiple remote assets through one platform, users have access to various user-friendly dashboards to provide real-time information for immediate action or track usage history over time to forecast and plan smarter distribution strategies.

Employees no longer need to call customers to get daily orders or manually stick their tanks for tank level readings, contributing to high administrative and labor costs. Having 24/7 visibility of tank levels and historical inventory usage prevents emergency runouts and helps reduce over-servicing tanks, which also costs distributors money.

Tank locations and inventory information can be sorted into regions and routes to create density and plan deliveries. Enterprise distributors can integrate our data into fuel or propane dispatch software systems for process automation.

Our standard monitors are accurate to +/- 1% when reporting on fuel, chemical, and lubricant products. Propane monitors provide a reasonable accuracy of 5%. However, the wireless monitoring device is only half the solution when building a tank distribution strategy.

The software component is vital to distributors that want to reduce emergency deliveries and better manage their margins.

Distributors can set thresholds specific to tank characteristics such as geographic location or typical runout frequency.

Our highly configurable platform is prebuilt with dashboards customized to view tank location by customer and tank type, tank level and various sensor data, emergency alerts, and hardware and battery status.

Rugged tank monitoring devices and sensors accurately measure and provide insight into large bulk storage tanks, mini-bulk storage tanks, IBC tanks or totes, underground tanks, and propane tanks.

Using a highly secure cloud-based system, users can access remote tank data via one wireless tank monitoring platform via a desktop computer or through the app on any mobile device.

SkyBitz uses a common architecture for tank monitors that integrate with various sensors. Each sensor is designed to monitor any liquid reliably, whether a tank of petroleum or a harsh chemical such as bleach, in any temperature environment while maintaining a standardized installation process.

In addition, our tank monitoring solution can seamlessly integrate with other SkyBitz systems such as SmartTank Dispatch or SmartTruck Dispatch & Delivery.

Our software also maintains a 99% up-time rate, so our customers never have to worry about outages or downtime.

When transitioning to a new tank monitoring provider, it’s important to ensure your field team can easily install and set up the tank monitoring hardware on-site. SkyBitz SmartTank allows customers to quickly configure the wireless monitor using intelligent sensors and an intuitive mobile app.

Recording a few pre-install details such as tank location, height, type, capacity, product level, and current level, your rep can quickly verify each tank reports accurate data before they leave the site.

In addition, our dedicated sales engineers assist new customers with the product selection and an implementation strategy, ensuring minimal impact to the operation.