Trailer Tracking Solutions

Consolidate Trailer Inventory,
Reduce Cargo Theft,
and Track Fleet Performance.

Trailer Tracking Solutions

Assets Supported

Trailer Tracking System Benefits include

  • Right size your fleet to reduce excess capital expenses

  • Trailer & asset location using Google Maps

  • Increase revenue per loads, per trailer with GPS Tracking

  • Smart trackers and sensors for actionable information

  • Streamline operations and driver efficiency with fleet, field and cargo data

  • Improve security of trailers and cargo

  • Integration with TMS systems

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Trust us to make your trailers, drivers, and assets work for you. SkyBitz Trailer Tracking software puts you in control of your inventory with smarter trailer trackers and website applications.

Improve Fleet and
Asset Visibility

Start tracking your trailers and remote assets quickly using the SkyBitz platform, solar rechargeable battery options, and rugged GPS devices.

Our GPS asset monitoring solutions include pre-built dashboards that monitor your entire fleet, including trailers, GPS connectivity, battery status, location and movement, and compliance requirements.

With reports that aid in optimizing cargo capacity and utilization, fleet managers quickly identify which trailers are not hitting targets. Eliminate questions associated with equipment maintenance costs and set email or text alerts based on geo-fences.

Trailer Tracking Software Dashboard SkyBitz
Monitor Trailers GPS Tracking Device

Reduce Idle Days

Search, locate, and redeploy trailers sitting idle and pair them with an available driver.

Begin managing trailers, containers, and cargo more efficiently using our Yard Check feature, enabling customers to perform a virtual inventory of what is in the trailer yard using GPS asset tracking and our SkyBitz platform.

Increase the number of loads per asset per month carried by each trailer to help maximize margins and reduce capital expenses.

Manage Detention Billing

Track how long a trailer has been at a customer location, which trailers are still in free time, and have entered detention.

Easily automate detention billing with TMS/ERP system integrations.

Track Trailers That are Idle
Cargo Monitoring Solutions SkyBitz

Smart Sensor Integration

Our sensors allow you to monitor doors, cargo, tire pressure, temperature, and more. Integrate various sensor insights with data points from third-party integrations for a more accurate view of your entire operation.

Custom Installation & Deployment

Our professional install teams ensure your powered or unpowered assets are set up correctly and within your scheduling requirements.

We provide a range of hardware solutions so you can maximize your return on investment and be up and running as quickly as possible.

Install Trailer GPS Tracking Device
Battery Powered GPS Tracker for Trailer

Get Total Cold
Chain Visibility

Access and manage both reefer device data and trailer tracking data via one seamless solution, enabling greater insight and a more transparent view of your entire cold chain operation.

Maximize the time your assets spend on the road using the SkyBitz line of GPS trackers, intelligent sensors, advanced battery management options, and temperature command and control tracking capabilities.

Trailer Tracking Software Features

Trailer Tracking Management Software

Our highly configurable platform SkyBitz Insight, offers customers a simple yet intuitive experience for tracking various asset management environments for industrial markets, transportation and logistics, government, supply chain, oil and gas, and construction.

Improve business operations by quickly setting up KPI’s so you can manage goals more effectively.

Smart sensors, integration options, and a host of intelligent new tools allow you to hone in on processes that can make your business more profitable.

Asset Tracking Devices – Products

Trailer Tracking Mobile App
Trailer Tracking Mobile App

Mobile App Features

Trailer Tracking Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android devices. SkyBitz provides fleet managers, equipment installers, and maintenance staff with free mobile tools that connect them to a host of information so they can quickly configure and troubleshoot any SkyBitz SkyMobile trailer tracking device.

Our mobile and website applications improve visibility, reduce error, and ensures accountability between installers and the internal customer support teams.

trailer tracking
trailer tracking


The SkyBitz platform can integrate into any custom or proprietary TMS or ERP system via our open API.

Take advantage of streamlined reports and dashboards, robust data analytics directly fed through our GPS commercial trailer tracking devices, solutions, and custom XML feeds.

Software integrations allow your operation to connect the dots between you and customers, providing a more accurate revenue stream through automated digital processes.

Visibility between accounting, sales, dispatch, drivers, and billing becomes second nature, allowing your teams to focus on growth and profitability.

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Your Success
is Our Success

Since 1986, we have focused on delivering real-time asset monitoring solutions to customers. With 1.3 million subscribers using our solutions, we provide meaningful financial and operational returns through the use of IoT technologies. With an exceptional customer experience team, we are dedicated to your success.

SkyBitz Review

+ SkyBitz

DriveLine International has experienced an increase in overall fleet efficiencies, which has driven a quick return on its investment in less than six months.

SkyBitz Review
trailer tracking

Rob Reich
Senior Vice President of Equipment Maintenance and Driver Development at Schneider

“We’re using tomorrow’s technology today to win with drivers and customers. SkyBitz has impressed us with the speed and ease of deployment across our fleet of trailers and containers, unique product design and customer experience.”

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FAQ’s Trailer Tracking

GPS asset tracking devices for trailers are small, durable pieces of hardware that are battery-powered, solar-powered or hard-wired to the trailer’s power. The devices transmit data via GPS signal and send trailer ID, location, cargo data, and other sensor data using cellular 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, or satellite networks.

You can then monitor your fleet using a cloud-based software platform that allows you to manage asset utilization. Trailer tracking vendors should offer the hardware, network connectivity, a GPS trailer tracking software platform, and installation and support management services.

Business goals with specific data requirements determine the cost of your trailer tracking solution. However, there are cost-effective options for companies interested in starting with location data only.

We offer a scalable, single solution with many sensor options, reporting features, mobile technology, and data integrations for those looking for strategic, operational data such as volumetric capabilities, and maintenance data to support proactive maintenance based on a trailer’s usage and road-worthiness.

All play a vital role in the cost of your trailer tracking management system, and we have just the right tracking solution for your needs.

Whether installing a solar-powered solution or a hard-wired device, you can immediately locate your trailers in the yard or on the road. Our platform shows you a live map of your trailers, providing you with around-the-clock access from your smartphone or desktop computer.

So, locating available trailers for dispatch and keeping them moving in the right direction is right at your fingertips.

With instant alerts and arrival and departure data, you can ensure shipments are safe during transit. Sensors can detect unauthorized use of a trailer or tampering with the trailer doors, notifying you immediately to act. Remote trailer cargo visibility can be added to improve trailer turn times, allowing you to dispatch nearby drivers when you need them, reducing detention fees.

AI combined cargo trailer security camera send instant notifications with high-resolution images for smarter security and load decisions, providing peace of mind for both your customers and drivers.

Our highly configurable platform is pre-built with dashboards that monitor location, battery, sensor, and compliance data for trailers. Our software was designed by and for customers in the trailer tracking industry, giving users a simple yet feature-rich experience for anyone that uses it.

Install the GPS trailer tracking device and you can quickly change the way you handle yard management, dispatching, detention, and maintenance.

Most asset tracking devices are weatherproof and waterproof, with rechargeable batteries that can withstand the harshest of elements. Some devices are also certified as intrinsically safe equipment for chemical, gas, or fuel transport.

We offer a portfolio of devices to support mixed fleets of dry vans, flatbeds, intermodal assets (chassis and containers), reefers, and other assorted unpowered assets.

Trailer management is the foundation of a successful transportation and logistics business. GPS trailer tracking can speed up the time it takes to identify where your trailers are in the yard and if they are ready to be dispatched.

Trailers that may require maintenance or those sitting idle for some time can quickly be converted to revenue-generating assets. We offer unique cameras that let you know if a trailer is empty, reducing wasted driver time and the unauthorized use of trailers for storage.

Fleet trailer tracking has been around for more than three decades. Most drivers today understand the benefits of a GPS trailer tracking system. The primary value is to improve safety, security, and profitability, which translates to keeping drivers employed and safe while out on the road.

Trailer monitoring helps allocate assets quicker to land that next job. Accurate data from GPS devices can help drivers find trailers faster, and thwart theft while reducing inefficiencies associated with fuel costs, trailer space, and administrative paperwork.

Absolutely! We service small to large size fleets. Our trailer tracking solutions can be easily installed across your entire fleet for immediate access to location data so you can improve trailer productivity.

Additional we can tap into more efficiencies around trailer capacity, temperature sensors, compliance reporting, and more.

There are loads of trailer tracking companies that specialize in trailer management only. Our trailer monitoring solution is one of many telematics systems developed to streamline your operation.

We support small to large trucking companies across multiple markets, from LTL, Truckload, Mixed Fleets, and Intermodal Containers. With over 35 years of commercial telematics experience, we have specialty products tailored to your business, all through one end-to-end platform.